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Brian M. D'Onofrio, Ph. D.
Associate Professor

My research seeks to understand the etiology of child and adolescent psychopathology using multiple designs, including longitudinal research, quasi-experimental designs, and intervention studies. Although I explore risk factors throughout development, my current focus is on early risk factors. I am particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms through which pregnancy-related risks (e.g., maternal stress and substance use during pregnancy), characteristics of the parents at childbirth (e.g., maternal and paternal age at childbearing), and early stressors (e.g., harsh parenting and economic deprivation) influence later psychopathology. Most of my research consists of secondary data analysis of large datasets (nationally representative samples in Australia and the U.S, as well as population-based studies of all individuals in Sweden). I am also a co-investigator on an intervention study in Bloomington that is exploring whether different types of divorce mediation can help children after the separation of their parents.

Curriculum Vitae

Brian D'Onofrio