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Alice C. Schermerhorn, Ph. D.
Post-doctoral Fellow

I am a post-doctoral fellow at Indiana University, funded by a Kirschstein NRSA Institutional Research Training Grant from NICHD (T32HD007475) awarded to Indiana University (Linda Smith, PI). I am working with Drs. John Bates, Brian D'Onofrio, and Amy Holtzworth-Munroe. My research interests are in the areas of developmental and clinical science, especially socio-emotional development, developmental psychopathology, and family relationships. I am interested in typical and atypical development, with family relationships as one context for studying development. I am particularly interested in studying families as sources of stress and in studying reciprocal influence processes in families. I am interested in child temperament, as well as in associations between child temperament and child psychosocial adjustment. I am also interested in examining the genetic and environmental contributions to individual and family functioning.

The overarching goal of my program of research is to advance understanding of children’s adaptation to stressors. I am especially interested in associations between child temperament and both mental health and immune functioning within the context of the stressor of interparental conflict, particularly focusing on the mechanisms through which stressors impact children and on identifying children for whom stress is particularly problematic.

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Alice Schermerhorn