IU Department of Anthropology to offer American Indian Dance and Powwow Culture class

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Indiana University Department of Anthropology is offering Anthropology A208 Section 30378 "American Indian Dance and Powwow Culture" during the Fall 2014 semester on Mondays from 1:25-3:40pm in Student Building 050.

This course explores the historic roots of contemporary American Indian social dance and powwow culture.  Beginning with the warrior and medicine societies of the 18th and 19th centuries, the class will examine the development of contemporary styles of American Indian powwow dancing and singing.  The class will discuss men's and women's dance styles, singing styles, dance clothing, and tribal variation.

The semester's work will culminate in participation in the annual IU Traditional Powwow, held during the first week of November.  From this, students will gain a working appreciation of modern powwow planning and performance, as well as a topic for their final papers and presentations.

The course fulfills Breadth of Inquiry credit and GenEd A&H credit.

Download flyer.