Dear Alumnus/Alumna:

I send you greetings from the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs (OVPDEMA) at Indiana University. The OVPDEMA is the cabinet level office broadly responsible for promoting academic excellence through diversity and inclusion.

Improving the quality of education at Indiana University creates a heightened challenge to establish new opportunities that promote and embrace the ideas, opinions, beliefs, and perspectives of a global and diverse society. The concept of a diverse Indiana University is an integrated academic, economic, social, and cultural issue for Indiana, the nation, and the world.

In May 2006, the IU Board of Trustees endorsed a comprehensive strategy to double the enrollment of underrepresented minority students by 2013-2014. While we have made great strides toward reaching this ambitious goal, it can not be accomplished without the support and collaborative efforts of our alumni.

We need you to help us identify potential underrepresented minority students so that we can provide them with information about the various academic and support programs and degree offerings available at Indiana University. While your efforts have helped us in the past, we need you to at least double those efforts as we strive to achieve academic excellence through diversity and inclusion.

Admission to IU is selective and we are looking for students who will be competitive in the application process. Important areas of consideration include:

  • academic performance and preparation
  • the strength and quality of the high school curriculum
  • recent grade trends
  • class rank
  • results of the SAT or ACT

Specifically, we seek students who take a rigorous course of study with four to five academic classes each year, achieve above-average grades, and get high scores on the SAT and/or ACT. Essays, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, community service, work experience, as well as dual-credit, Advanced Placement (AP) and/or Advance College Project (ACP) courses may be considered as evidence of academic motivation and maturity. More information on the admissions standards and process can be obtained from the websites of the Office of Admissions on each campus:

We ask that you provide us with the names and relevant information (download Recommendation Form) of middle and high school students whom you believe have the potential to achieve at Indiana University. While admission to IU is not guaranteed, every student that you recommend will be contacted and provided information on IU's various precollege programs, such as the Achievers Summer Academy (IU Bloomington), the Minority Engineering Advancement Program (IUPUI), and Kids College (IU Northwest). We also will provide information regarding preparing for admission to IU and eligibility criteria for our academic scholarship and support programs, such as 21st Century Scholars, Groups, and the Hudson and Holland Scholars Program.

To recommend students, please download the recommendation form, complete, and return by e-mail to

If you any have questions, please contact Philip Seabrook, Assistant Vice President for College Readiness Initiatives, at (812) 856-5748 or

We seek your continued support in this very important mission of Indiana University, and your suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Thank you for your assistance and continued support of Indiana University.


James C. Wimbush
Vice President
Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs
University Graduate School