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Articles on Writing Across the Curriculum—Criminal Justice

Listed below are articles on this topic from the Campus Writing Program library. Short summaries and citations are provided when available.

Bouloukos, Adam C., Dennis C. Benamati, and Graeme R. Newman.. "Teaching Information Literacy in Criminal Justice: Observations from the University of Albany" Journal of Criminal Justice Education 6.2 (Fall 1995): 213-233.

"The last decade has seen a tremendous expansion in the availability of electronic information in all academic disciplines, including criminal justice. Scholars, practitioners, and students of criminal justice are no longer limited to the material contained within their institutions' libraries. The Internet and other electronic carriers have opened the windows of those libraries to other, remote information sources. This paper describes the development and implementation of a course designed to meet students' needs in this new information environment." It also provides a sample of the course syllabus and the major project assignment.

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