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In addition to aiding the IU appointment and visa application, faculty sponsors agree to assist the visitor to access IU research materials and IU faculty and to answer questions about Bloomington or about campus policies. Faculty sponsors are expected to maintain regular contact with their visiting scholar before and during the visit.

Visiting scholars receive academic status that permits a university identity card, full access to the library, an Indiana University e-mail account and, for a fee, access to campus photocopy facilities, recreational facilities, etc. The IU e-mail username and password gives the visiting scholar access to the internet at computer locations across campus.

The appointment does not provide compensation or other financial assistance from IU.

Most IU units cannot provide a work space, computer, or telephone. After arrival on campus, scholars can request a "study carrel" which is an assigned table at the IU Library to have a place to leave library books the scholar wants to reserve but doesn't want to take home each day.

The primary activity of visiting scholars is research, not class attendance. Visiting scholars can make valuable contributions to IU classes, but should not register for academic credit.


For more information, see Indiana University's Office of International Services' website.