Graduate Program

The Department of Criminal Justice promotes interdisciplinary approaches to studying the nature and causes of crime, the administration of justice (both civil and criminal), and the relationship between law and society. We embrace the importance of cross-cultural inquiry and interdisciplinarity by applying insights from other disciplines (Anthropology, Developmental Science, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, and Sociology) to issues in law, crime and justice.  In addition, several of our faculty members do research abroad, including in Central and South America, the Philippines, India, Russia, and Eastern Europe. Given the department’s scholarly orientation, we expect students to pursue new and emerging areas of inquiry, and we seek to provide them with the theoretical and methodological skills needed to do so.  Moreover, the Department provides an excellent environment for graduate study, with our graduates going on to careers in academia, government, and the private sector.
Part of our success in graduate training is due to our setting and location, which provide unique resources for graduate study. Indiana University - Bloomington is a Research I University that ranks nationally among top research institutions. IU has outstanding research support and infrastructure. The Herman B Wells library is one of the top research libraries in the country, and PC Magazine ranked IU #1 among public universities in providing students and faculty with an advanced technological environment for learning and research. With over 60 departments and programs in IU’s College of Arts and Sciences, our graduate students are free to explore their interests in other social sciences related to criminology and criminal justice. The College has leading psychology and sociology departments, for example, and anthropology and political science are also very popular. Graduate students interested in carrying out criminological research in other cultures will find amazing resources here, as the College boasts world class language and area studies programs. For those who want to sharpen their quantitative and methodological skills, the College’s Department of Statistics, as well as the above mentioned disciplinary departments, provides advanced courses on numerous topics.