Mark T. Berg

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Missouri, St. Louis, 2009

Assistant professor, Mark T. Berg, received his doctorate in criminology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2009, where his dissertation work was funded by a fellowship from the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. Professor Berg’s current research is primarily focused on the social context of interpersonal violence.

External Grants (Active)

National Institute of Justice: “Situational Factors and the Victim-Offender Overlap” (#2012-91288-PA-IJ) $426,181. (Richard B. Felson, Co-PI)

Select Peer Reviewed Publications

Berg, Mark T., and Rolf Loeber. “Violent conduct and victimization risk in the illicit drug economy: A prospective examination.” Justice Quarterly, forthcoming

Berg, Mark T., Lee Ann Slocum and Rolf Loeber. 2012. Illegal behavior, neighborhood context, and police reporting by victims of violence. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, forthcoming

Berg, Mark T, Eric A. Stewart, Rodney Brunson and Ronald L. Simons. 2012. Neighborhood cultural heterogeneity and adolescent violence. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, forthcoming

Felson, Richard B., Jukka Savolainen, Mark T. Berg and Noora Ellonen. Does spending time in public settings contribute to adolescent risk of violent victimization? Journal of Quantitative Criminology, forthcoming

Berg, Mark T., Eric A. Stewart, Christopher Schreck and Ronald L. Simons. 2012. The victim-offender overlap in context. Examining the role of neighborhood street culture. Criminology, 50:359-390

Loeber, Rolf, David Farrington and Mark T. Berg. 2012. Young men who kill: A prospective longitudinal investigation from childhood. Homicide Studies 16:99-128.

Berg, Mark T. and Rolf Loeber. 2011. Examining the neighborhood context of the violent offending-victimization relationship: A prospective investigation." Journal of Quantitative Criminology 27:427-451.

Berg, Mark T. and Beth Huebner 2011. Reentry and the ties that bind: An examination of relational ties, employment and recidivism. Justice Quarterly 28: 382-410.

Huebner, Beth and Mark T. Berg 2011. Examining the sources of variation in risk for recidivism. Justice Quarterly 28: 146-173

Berg, Mark T. and A. Rengifo. 2009. Rethinking community organization and robbery: Considering illicit market dynamics. Justice Quarterly 26:211-237.

DeLisi, Matt and Mark T. Berg. 2006. Exploring theoretical linkages between self-control theory and criminal justice system processing. Journal of Criminal Justice 34:153-163.

Select Book Chapters

Berg, Mark T. and Eric A. Stewart. 2010. Examining the Logic of Subcultural Models. In, Criminological Theory: The Reader, (Eds.) Heith Copes and Volkan Topalli. New York: McGraw Hill.

Berg, Mark T. and Eric A. Stewart. 2012. Street Culture and Crime. In, The Handbook of Criminological Theory, (Eds.) Frank Cullen and Pamela Wilcox. New York: Oxford Press.

Recent Awards

2012   Trustees Teaching Award. Indiana University, College of Arts and Sciences.      Bloomington, Indiana