Child Maltreatment Law

Foundations in Science, Practice and Policy

Roger J.R. Levesque

  Child Maltreatment Law: Foundations in Science, Practice, and Policy allows students who are interested in real-life cases of child mistreatment to analyze actions and decisions that have occurred in actual courts. Roger Levesque uses closely edited cases and explanatory notes to help readers understand each case’s significance and relationship to other litigation. Levesque also references cases that use social science evidence to evaluate how society, researchers, and the law conceptualize and respond to child maltreatment. Part I of Child Maltreatment Law explores how the legal system defines what constitutes the major forms of maltreatment deemed worthy of state intervention. Part II details the nature of families assumed problematic and how the state directly intervenes in families to address maltreatment conditions. Part III addresses the challenges faced by legal reform efforts to stop and prevent child maltreatment. The appendices assist those unfamiliar with legal cases, legal terminology, the legal system, and the place of social sciences in law. Together, the materials provide a firm foundation for understanding key social science findings, policy directions, and practices in child maltreatment law. Roger J. R. Levesque received his JD from Columbia University School of Law and his PhD in cultural psychology from the University of Chicago. Prior to his appointment as Professor of Criminal Justice at Indiana University, he was Professor of Psychology and Law at the University of Arizona. He has published more than 50 research and scholarly articles and 7 books, including Child Sexual Abuse: A Human Rights Perspective and Culture and Family Violence: Fostering Change through Human Rights Law.

July 2002,

720 pp,

ISBN 0-89089-067-6



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