Adolescents, Sex and the Law : Preparing Adolescents for Responsible Citizenship

Roger J.R. Levesque, PhD

248 Pages

  • Groundbreaking examination of adolescence
  • Highlights the inadequacies that exist in a juvenile legal status justice system that inaccurately reflects the realities of adolescent life
  • Offers strategies for reforming the current social, psychological, and legal conceptions of adolescence

Although adolescents have sex, suffer the effects of domestic violence, and fall victim to sexual harassment, existing laws often prevent them from gaining access to the social services available to adults. Further, laws that deny adolescents access to social services exist side-by-side with laws that readily allow adolescent offenders to be moved from the juvenile justice system into adult court. In effect, the law treats adolescents either as children or as adults, failing to acknowledge that they are neither.

In this provocative book, law professor and attorney Roger J.R. Levesque illuminates the shortcomings of the juvenile justice system and proposes a strategy for reframing the current social and legal conceptions of adolescence. Levesque weaves an intricate tapestry of social, psychological, and legal analysis as he argues for reforms that will make adolescents responsible citizens by accurately reflecting the realities of adolescent life. This groundbreaking examination of adolescence is must reading for anyone who works with teenagers, from mental health professionals and public policy specialists to attorneys.

This is the fifth book in the Law and Public Policy: Psychology and the Social Sciences series, which is edited by Bruce D. Sales, PhD, JD.

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