Keep in Touch CJUS Alumni!

We are working to bridge the gap between alumni and our department. There are several opportunities for you to be involved with our department and we hope that at least one of them will be of interest to you. In addition to letting us know what is new with you, please think about the following ways that you might reconnect with us:

  • Are you willing to be interviewed for this newsletter or our new website, to be the subject of an alumni profile?
  • Can your place of employment provide an internship opportunity for any of our students? (Remember, our majors come from all over the country, and many are from Indiana)
  • Would your work experience make for an interesting presentation to the Criminal Justice Student Association?
  • Would you be willing to serve as a resource for students who might be pursuing a career similar to yours?
  • Does your place of employment have a job opportunity that may be applicable to our students?

If any of these possibilities are of interest to you, or if you have a suggestion for another way to reconnect with the department, please send an email to

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