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If you've never participated in a poster session before, here is some important information you will need to know.

About Poster Sessions

Poster sessions are a great opportunity to present your research, make professional contacts, and receive useful feedback. During ConCALL, we will have two poster sessions, each an hour long, during which up to 10 posters will be displayed. During the session, presenters are expected to stand with their posters to give mini-presentations and answer questions conference attendees may have about their research.

Tips for Making Your Poster
  1. Dimensions – Posters should be between 2x3 feet and 4x8 feet in size. Most universities have large format printers that can print these dimensions for you.

  2. Title – The title should be short, interesting, and comprehensible to a broad audience. Think of it as a newspaper headline – it should catch the interest of conference attendees walking by and make them want to stop.

  3. Content – You need to identify your audience and organize your content in a clear and concise manner. Make sure to include an abstract, your research questions, methodology, results, conclusions, and references.

  4. Organization – Good layout and format are the most critical component of the poster second to the research content. Arrange the information in a logical order so that the attendees can easily follow the content, using arrows or numbering if needed to explain the flow. Use your space wisely, and don’t leave too much white space.

  5. Visual Aids –Visual aids such as charts, graphs, and tables are very important for succinctly presenting your research.

  6. Branding – In addition to including your name and contact information, you may wish to include a university, center, or company logo. You may always wish to include the conference name and date in this area, if you do not plan on reusing the poster at another conference.
Example Poster

Resources for creating posters:

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