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Career Prospects

What to do with a degree in comparative literature?

For some, the study of comparative literature on the undergraduate level is only a beginning, leading to graduate study for those wishing to become professional comparatists engaged in research and college teaching. But for anyone, a bachelor's degree with a major in comparative literature represents a broad and extremely valuable general education. With training in writing and foreign languages, a keen awareness of intercultural relations, and an aptitude for seeing things in connection rather than in isolation, comparative literature majors develop versatility and adaptability, qualities highly prized in the job market. Graduates from our program have achieved success in international business, publishing, federal agencies, international organizations, and teaching and librarianship. There is a growing tendency to offer general or world literature courses and humanities courses in high schools, and comparative literature students who have combined their major with the required preparation for teachers of English or a foreign language are eminently suited to teach these courses. However, a course of studies leading to a teacher certification must be very carefully planned from the start.