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IU logoIndiana University’s Teagle Collegium on Inquiry in Action identifies and overcomes challenges to preparing graduate students to adopt evidence-based approaches to teaching in the Liberal Arts and Sciences that they will carry with them into their careers as college and university faculty. 

The Collegium meetings are lively, challenging, and supportive spaces for interactions that cause all participants to reconsider the foundations of teaching practice so that they are informed by learning theories.  

In three years, thirty-six graduate students participating in the Collegium taught 4569 undergraduates in 31 different courses in the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences with enhanced attention to reflective teaching practices, learning assessment, alignment of learning theory and pedagogical practice.  
Key questions guiding Collegium discussions include:

  • In our fields, what questions do we care about?
  • What assumptions do we make about what matters?
  • Why do we tend toward the research methods we use?
  • What are the traditional, “signature” ways of teaching in our field?
  • What does those teaching methods typically emphasize?
  • Who tends to benefit from those traditional methods?  Why?  Who tends to be less successful? Why?
  • Are there indications in the learning literature of other ways of teaching to meet our field’s goals that may be more satisfactory?
  • How can we apply learning theory to foster better student learning?
  • How will we know if these changes are working?