Research Assistant

Attention: Undergraduates

group of RA undergraduates Students: Are you interested in working in the lab?

How to apply: Complete the RA application form and return it to us by email,, or you may deliver it to us in room A140. Each semester, applications are collected and interviews are scheduled for open positions. If selected, this is a P493/494 course and the requirement is 10 hours per week in the lab.

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Graduate Programs

Attention: Graduate Students

Students: Are you searching for a graduate school program that will fit your interest?

Graduate Programs: Graduate study in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University focuses on the excitement and challenges of scholarly work. The program is designed to combine a broad foundation and background in the science of psychology with extensive knowledge in specific areas within the discipline.

To find out more: Learn about the Graduate Programs being offered, the Graduate Courses and descriptions, as well as the requirements for Admission by visiting our Resource Center for Graduate Programs website.

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Training Program in Integrative Developmental Process

Attention: Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

child in fMRI simulator Students: Are you interested in applying for a research traineeship in developmental process?

Training Program: This NICHHD training grant is focused on human development, particularly as it relates to cognitive, social, perceptual and motor development of infants and young children. The goal of this training program is to train scientists who can conduct programmatic and innovatiive research that integrates levels of analysis and that connects basic science to translational research.

To find out more: Learn more about the 17 core training faculty , their laboratories, and how to apply for a position on this training grant by going to the Training Program in Integrative Developmental Process website.

Note: Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. If you have additional questions feel free to contact Charlotte Wozniak, or call 812-855-8256.

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