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Undergraduate | Careers in CMCL

The Power of the Liberal Arts

If you choose a liberal arts education, you should understand at least two things. First, the question is not, "What careers can I can I get into with this major?" but rather, "How do I choose from among all the career paths open to me?" Second, the major is not directly linked to a career. Therefore, the key factor for you in choosing a major or a minor should be your interest in the classes, as this more than any other factor will drive your intellectual engine throughout your college career. It is also a good habit to cultivate in life - do the things you love!

A liberal arts education emphasizes strategic, critical, and flexible thinking, as well as excellent communication skills. In other words, it offers a strong intellectual foundation in the changing world and work environment of the 21st century. The education you will receive as a CMCL major is not intended to be a "nuts and bolts" or "how-to" sort of preparation for a single line of work; on the contrary, it is intended to help you develop new ways of thinking, learning, and communicating that open doors to a wide variety of careers in the business, professional, and public spheres. The skills you will learn as a student of the liberal arts in Communication and Culture will provide and enduring foundation as you adapt to change in the workplace and in life.

Internship Opportunities

The range of options available to CMCL majors wishing to gain professional experience while studying at IU is unusually rich. Students have held internships in a diverse group of organizations and corporations, including motion picture production companies, investment banking firms, marketing ventures, film festivals, museums, and television and radio stations - just to name a few! With contacts in the Bloomington area, across Indiana, and throughout the country, our majors can choose from innumerable internship opportunities.

Academic credit is available for most internships. Click here for more information and to access an application.

Career Options

Recent CMCL graduates have been employed in a diverse array of fields, including public relations and marketing, financial services, higher education administration, health care industry management, the pharmaceutical industry, event planning, real estate, and the non-profit sector. Others have attended graduate school and still others have joined community service efforts like Teach for America or the Peace Corps.

Here is a partial list of career possibilities obtained from CMCL alumni and the National Communication Association. Remember: it is but a sample of careers possible with a CMCL degree.

Advertising or marketing specialist Diversity trainer Lawyer
Mediator/negotiator Producer Paralegal
Public health advocate Researcher Media planner
Public relations specialist Business manager Media buyer
Philanthropic representative Lobbyist Critic
Media sales representative Media analyst Researcher
Publicity or advertising manager Campaign Coordinator Editor
College or university professor Creative director Museum curator
Community relations director Public opinion researcher Teacher
Market researcher Public affairs specialist Film/tape librarian
Advertising sales coordinator Cinematographer Fund-raising Consultant
Film/TV producer Creative director Media analyst
Public relations manager Audience analyst Screenwriter
Writer or Author Labor relations representative Scriptwriter
Copy editor Communication trainer Archivist
Script writer Acquisitions editor Filmmaker
Copy writer Reporter Film/TV director
Press Agent Director of communication Sound editor
Publicist Nonprofit organizer Film/TV editor
Diplomat Foreign relations officer Event planner
Environmental advocate

Additional Resources: The IU Career Development Center

The professional staff at this center offers a wide variety of services to help IU students reach their academic and career goals, including: Career Counseling Services; job placement assistance; a comprehensive Career Resource Library; 2-credit, 8-week courses on career exploration and job search strategies for liberal arts majors; and a variety of themed career fairs. For more information, visit their website.