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Parts of the Department of Communication and Culture are headed to the Department of English and faculty have established a new minor.  Please go to Minor in Communication and Public Advocacy for more details.

The Department of Communication and Culture (CMCL) offers an interdisciplinary and flexible undergraduate major and minor in the College of Arts and Sciences.  We provide students with a strong liberal arts background,emphasizing specific areas of expertise in topics at the intersection of communication and culture, as well as the development of basic skills. Please see this chart to determine where to find CMCL classes Contact the CMCL legacy advisor for advice on how to finish your CMCL degree. CMCL matriculates will not be accepted after Spring 2016. 

Undergraduate Blog: Communication & Culture Online

Explore the links on the left to learn more - and if the CMCL major seems right for you, schedule and appointment to talk with one of academic advisors.