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Please be advised that the Department of Communication and Culture is currently undergoing reorganization, as part of a wider effort to integrate programs in media, communication, and journalism across the Indiana University campus into a new Media School.  

Details about the new school are available at the IU Provost's Website under the heading, "The Media School":   Communication and Culture is expected to formally disband as of July 2015, coinciding with the official launch of the new School
If you have questions about how the reorganization will affect graduate studies in Communication and Culture, you may direct inquires to Ted Striphas, Director of Graduate Studies.

Application Information

The deadline for international applications is December 1, 2013; the deadline for receipt of domestic applications is midnight, January 2, 2014.

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS: Please be aware that all non-U.S. citizens are considered international applicants. Only students currently studying at Indiana University or holding Permanent Resident status are exempt from this rule.

NOTE FOR DOMESTIC APPLICANTS: Please be aware that you will need to submit your application in advance of the deadline on January 2, 2013 in order for your application to be complete, including letters of recommendation. Why is this so? You are able to enter contact information about your recommenders, and the system will send each recommender an email with instructions for uploading Letters of Recommendation. Please note that this email will NOT be sent until you SUBMIT your application. This means that if you do not submit your application until the January 2, 2013 deadline, your recommenders will have only a few hours in which to upload their letters. We will not accept any letters submitted after midnight, EST on January 2, 2013. Please plan accordingly by SUBMITTING your application well in advance of the deadline.

Answers to common questions about applying to the Department of Communication and Culture graduate program and further details about application materials may be found on our Application Blog. You may also post questions to this resource.

The graduate admissions committee considers all parts of the application in making its decision and no one item is necessarily more important than any of the others. The following materials are required for complete applications:

Please note that the application form and fee must be submitted online. With the exception of university transcripts, all application materials should be submitted online through the application website linked above. Although there are places in the application website to separately upload your personal statement/statement of purpose, your CV/resume, and your Writing Sample, we request that you cut and paste these separate items into a SINGLE document. Please upload this single document in the Personal Statement area on the application.

Official transcripts should be addressed and mailed to:

Graduate Secretary
Indiana University
Department of Communication and Culture
800 East Third Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

Also, please keep in mind the following when applying: The Department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University is a professional humanities program. As such, we train students for academic work. If your ambitions lead you to careers outside of academia, our program is likely not the best one for you.