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Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty | Karen Bowdre

Karen Bowdre

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and Culture

Phone: 855-0530
Office: 235

Curriculum Vitae



Karen’s dissertation entitled, “Racial Mythologies: African American Female Images and Representation from Minstrelsy to Race Films,” studies the significant impact black female performers--many of them overlooked by historians and media scholars--have had on representations of women in popular culture. Karen has presented work on this and related topics at, among other places, the Society for Cinema and Media Studies and the National Communication Association. In the fall Karen plans to offer a course on African-American cinema and a course on black film directors. Karen's research on critical race and gender studies will add important dimensions to the department's ongoing scholarly and pedagogical commitments to exploring identity politics, while also resonating with the interests of other units on campus, including African-American and African Diaspora Studies, American Studies, and Cultural Studies.