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¡Calma Pueblo! Order and Chaos in Latin America

Inspired by the Calle 13 song, specifically the lyric "yo estoy aquí para contarte lo que no cuentan los periódicos," ¡Calma Pueblo! Order and Chaos in Latin America engages participants considering the multidimensional character of dissonance in all of its forms within Latin American and Caribbean contexts.

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Conference Schedule

Friday, March 7

11:00-12:00|Registration|Persimmon Room, IMU

At registration, please have your presentation ready in digital format to pass to the conference team.

If you received a travel grant, please remember to bring any receipts related to your travel expenses. If you have not already turned in your vendor forms to CLACS, please turn them in during registration.

12:00- 2:00|Nation Formation Panel|Persimmon Room, IMU

  • Discussant: Danny James, Mendel Chair - History
  • Sarah Foss, IU Bloomington: Mario Payeras and the Utopian Vision of Guatemala's Octubre Revolucionario
  • Elena McGrath , University of Wisconsin, Madison: Copper Miners and the Bolivian National Revolution
  • Johnathan Warner, IU Bloomington: The Development of West Indian Black Internationalism and the Panamanian Political Response, 1920-1930s
  • Matthew Perse, University of Connecticut: Tanguito and the Mythological Legitimation of Rock and Roll

2:15-4:15|From Protest to Policy Panel|Persimmon Room, IMU

  • Discussant: Eduardo Brondizio, Professor - Anthropology
  • Alexandra Toledo, IU Bloomington: Social Movements and the State Debate Peruvian Food Policy
  • Lucy Miller, IU Bloomington: Mediating Expectations: Sustainable development discourse and the extractive reserve model (RESEX) in the Brazilian Amazon
  • Emma McDonnell, IU Bloomington: The Limitations of “Resource” Conflicts: “Indigeneity” in Anti-Mining Protests in Puno, Peru
  • Baird Campbell, Tulane University: Movilh-ización: State and Intergroup Legitimacy in Santiago’s LGBTQ Movement

4:30-6:00|Keynote|Persimmon Room, IMU

Chair of the History Department at Indiana University Peter Guardino will give a keynote titled "Chronicle of a Riot Foretold: Mexico City’s Poor Resist the US Invasion of 1847."

6:00- 8:00|Reception|CLACS

Saturday, March 8

8:00- 8:30|Breakfast|Persimmon Room, IMU

8:30- 9:55|Politicizing the Personal Panel|Persimmon Room, IMU

  • Discussant: Lessie Jo Frazier, Associate Professor - American Studies
  • Nzingha Kendall, IU Bloomington: Radical Feminist Documentary: Women’s Collective Voices in Las muertes chiquitas
  • Jackie Markle, IU Bloomington: Los Marín en Aves sin nido: El nuevo orden propuesto para curar un Perú traumatizado
  • Denisa Jashari, IU Bloomington: Shantytown Subculture in 1980s Santiago, Chile”

10:05- 11:15|Conflict in Transition Panel|Persimmon Room, IMU

  • Discussant: Ricardo Guzmán, Assistant Professor - Spanish and Portuguese
  • Sarah Leister, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque: The Right to Health as Resistance in Post-Coup Honduras
  • Andrew Bentley, Syracuse University: ‘Que descanses con los angelitos’: Globalization and Urban Violence in Post-Civil War Guatemala City

11:40-12:55|Memory Panel|Persimmon Room, IMU

  • Discussant: John H. McDowell, Professor of Folklore - Folklore and Ethnomusicology
  • Joseph Feldman, University of Florida: Why Museums Are about Forgetting: Notes on a Peruvian Situation
  • Stephanie Huezo, IU Bloomington: Sin verdad no hay justicia: Demanding State Accountability for the Civil War in El Salvador through the Monumento a la Memoria y la Verdad
  • Julia Youngs, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque: Los muros hablan: Street Art and Citizenship in Post-Revolutionary Nicaragua


2:30-3:55|Labor and Culture Panel|Persimmon Room, IMU

  • Discussant: Patrick Dove, Associate Professor - Spanish and Portuguese
  • Julian Carrillo, IU Bloomington: La Maroma as Labor, Ritual, and Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Mixtec Region of Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Mira Kohl, Tulane University: Modern Brazil 'Slave Labor': Discourses of Depoliticization and Emancipation in São Palo, Brazil

4:05-5:25|Knowledge Production in Social Movements Panel|Persimmon Room, IMU

  • Discussant: Armando Razo, Associate Professor - Political Science
  • Juan Sebastian Rojas, IU Bloomington: Knowledge Production And Social Mobilization: Interactions In The Colombian Context
  • Meghan Donnelly, UC Davis: The War on Drugs and a Crisis of Information in Mexico
  • Simon Hurst-Dodd, IU Bloomington: Political Unrest in Brazil: Regional Interpretations of the 2013 National Protests