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CLACS sponsors and hosts a variety of academic conferences, lectures, and symposia throughout the year to foster dialogue between faculty and practitioners and to help to promote research in a variety of disciplinary and professional fields related to Latin America and the Caribbean. Our ongoing events include the Latin American Research Forum and the annual Graduate Student Conference. Please sign up for our e-newsletter Novedades for more related events on the IU campus or surrounding community.

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Upcoming Events

March 26th, 2018

The Costa Rican Exception: José Figueres, Adolf Berlem and the Limits of Anti-Communism as Social Policy

Professor Leon Fink will share his research on American liberalism and the US postwar foreign policy in Central America, as the US aimed to promote what diplomat Adolf A. Berle called "socially-oriented Latin American democracy." Amidst swings from "populist" to social democratic governments, Costa Rica weathered the US shift from the Good Neighbor policy to anti-communist interventionism with much greater dexterity than other countries in the region. Might the course of this generally peaceful and progressive regime have proven reproducible? By reconstructing the interactions of key in-country players with liberal advocates in and outside of the US government, this lecture will identify potential paths not taken, underscoring the long-term costs of the dominant course of postwar.

Outside Event Promotion Policy

CLACS will gladly help promote events/opportunities via the CLACS e-mail list as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The event/opportunity is about or related to Latin America or the Caribbean AND
  • The person advertising the event is affiliated with CLACS
Events/announcements that do not meet the above criteria may be submitted for our weekly newsletter, Novedades/Novidades, which is sent out weekly on Wednesdays.

For inclusion in Novedades/Novidades:
Events or announcements to be included in Novedades/Novidades must be sent to by 5pm Tuesday. Priority for inclusion is given to those events and announcements related to Latin American or the Caribbean. CLACS reserves the right to exclude any events/announcements that are not relevant or appropriate for inclusion in the newsletter.