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Matthew W. Caples


Advisor: Toivo Raun, Mihály Szegedy-Maszák

Education History

BA (1992), History/Russian & Slavic Studies, McGill University, Montreal, QC
MA (May, 2005), Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University

2012: Title VIII Fellowship to study Tatar, SWSEEL 2012
2009: Estophilus Scholarship to conduct research in Tartu, Estonia
2007: IU Graduate Student Exchange Fellowship, Debrecen, Hungary 
2005-2007: FLAS to study Finnish
2003-2005: Hungarian Studies Fellowship                   
2003: FLAS to study Romanian, SWSEEL 2003
2002-2003: FLAS to study Estonian  
2002: György Ránki Award for Excellence in Hungarian Studies

Hungarian (near native)
Estonian (advanced)
Finnish (intermediate)
Erzya-Mordvin (introductory)
Russian (reading)
Romanian (reading)
French (reading)
German (reading)

Research Interests: modern Hungarian & Central European history with an emphasis on the interwar period, modern Estonian and Finnish history, pan-Finno-Ugric relations, history of Finno-Ugric linguistics, the role of languages in the formation of national identity and in  nation-building projects