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Funding & AIships :: Graduate Programs


Recruitment Fellowships

CEUS currently offers two Recruitment Fellowships funded from the College of Arts & Sciences. All incoming applications for admission completed by the application deadline are automatically considered for these fellowships for the following academic year. These one year fellowships provide fee remission plus a $18,000 stipend.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS)

Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships - Each year the United States Department of Education (USDE) awards FLAS Fellowships to universities in order to promote the graduate training of students who intend to pursue careers in positions where knowledge of foreign cultures is a prerequisite for success.  The site contains information about the languages supported by the various area studies programs on campus. Applicants must be US citizens or legal permanent residents.

Balassi Institute Graduate Fellowship in Hungarian Studies

Indiana University's Department of Central Eurasian Studies invites applications for the Balassi Institute Graduate Fellowship in Hungarian Studies. The Fellowship will be given to a student who has been admitted to the Department of Central Eurasian Studies and the University Graduate School at Indiana University-Bloomington and is primarily engaged in research falling within the field of Hungarian language and area studies, including but not limited to Hungarian culture and history. Indiana University is a research university with world-class programs in both area studies and the disciplines; its libraries hold the richest university-based Hungarian collections in the US. All applicants are welcome, but citizens of the US and Canada are strongly preferred. Annual fellowship benefits include tuition
remission, health insurance, and a fellowship stipend of a minimum of $12,000; the fellowship is renewable.

Applicants should submit a letter of interest to Balassi Institute Graduate Fellowship Selection Committee, IU CEUS, 1011 E. Third Street, Goodbody Hall 157, Bloomington, IN 47405-7005. Include your full name, UID#, IU degree program and department, description of your research and two letters of recommendation.

Applications received by February 1, 2015 will receive priority for consideration. If you do not have an Indiana University UID#, tell us the expected date of your admission to IU or intention to apply.

Associate Instructorships (AIships)

CEUS professors teach a number of classes in Indiana University’s required undergraduate “CAPP” curriculum. The number of CAPP AIs varies each academic year depending on the number of CAPP classes offered by CEUS faculty. AIs receive a stipend and a tuition remission for up to 12 credits during the period they are teaching. These positions are open to international students, however non-native English speakers must pass the university wide test of English proficiency for student instructors. The classes cover topics of broad interest to undergraduate students such “Religions and Revolution,” “Oil, Islam, and Geopolitics,” “The Great Wall of China,” and the “Mongol Conquest.”

CEUS utilizes Lecturers for most language instruction, but does use Associate Instructors for instruction in Turkish. Contact Professor Kemal Silay (Ottoman and Modern Turkish Chair) about possible openings and application requirements for the Turkish language AIships. The Language AI salary for the 2013-14 academic year is $15,750 plus tuition remission.

Graduate Work-study Position

There is one Graduate Work-Study position in CEUS. The position requires 20 hours work per week. Responsibilities include performance of general office tasks, preparation of course publicity, and assistance with conferences, receptions, and other events. Applicants must be US citizens or legal permanent resident. Applicants submit to the CEUS department a letter outlining their qualifications, a writing sample, and two letters of recommendation. Applications accepted late spring after FLAS awards have been determined. Preference in hiring is given to graduate students in the Department. The Graduate Work-study salary for the 2013-14 academic year is $10,687.50 plus tuition remission. 

CEUS Travel Funding

One of the important legacies Professor Denis Sinor left to our department was the tradition of supporting graduate student travel for academic conferences. The Central Eurasian Studies Department makes available to CEUS students who have been confirmed as conference presenters awards, on a competative basis, up to $350 Awards are based on merit, demonstrated need, and availability of funds. Students applying for conference funding should submit to ACES ( the CEUS Travel Award Application and supporting documents no later than October 1 for travel between July-March of the following year and April 1 deadline for travel between January-August of the the same year. If you have not received confirmation from the conference organizers contingency awards may be made although funds cannot be distributed until confirmation is received.  Requests for travel stipends will be evaluated by an ACES Committee.

Other funding in related units

The Sinor Research Center for Inner Asian Studies (SRIFIAS) maintains a library which staffed by two librarians who are student employees. Each receives a stipend and a tuition remission for up to 12 credits. Student librarian candidates must be familiar with both the Cyrillic script and one or more traditional Central Eurasian scripts (Perso-Arabic, Uyghur-Mongolian, etc.). These positions are open to international students. For more information please contact the Director of the SRIFIAS, Dr. Edward Lazzerini.

The Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center (IAUNRC) has three Graduate Assistant positions that carry a stipend and tuition remission for up to 12 credits. Applicants must be US citizen or legal permanent residents.

For more information on these and other Grants and Fellowships please see the Inner Asian and Uralic National Resources Center.

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