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Faculty Resources

Class Packets

CEUS faculty are encouraged to post class materials through OnCourse. It is cost effective and convenient for students if the materials are available in a format students can print themselves using their IU printing allotment.

For small classes, faculty might make one hard copy available for students to borrow long enough to photocopy themselves.

Selling class packets through CEUS can be approved by the department chair but is discouraged. Several IU policies impact the sale of class packets through the department. These include the usual copyright restrictions for photocopying, the potential for financial loss to CEUS if we pay for MAXI duplication and then some students do not purchase the packets, and the need to follow campus policies for handling funds. We must have accurate record keeping, separation of duties (to guard against theft), a locked location for temporary storage of cash and checks, and use IU Accountable Mail courier service to carry cash and checks for deposit at the Bursar’s office. We are not permitted to carry deposits ourselves or to send cash or checks in Campus Mail. Students must come to CEUS to pay. Instructors cannot collect cash or checks in the classroom because IU policy requires Accountable Mail couriers or IUPD escort for all transportation of cash and checks. CEUS does not accept credit cards which makes it difficult for students who are short on cash at the start of the semester. CEUS has a small staff which makes separation of duties difficult.