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Intermediate Kazakh II
Catalog Number CEUS-U 276/676
Zaure Batayeva, Fatima Moldashova

The intermediate course covers the four language acquisition skills, speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The primary goal of the course is to teach students to use Kazakh Language for everyday situations and purposes related to work and social life. Lessons are in Kazakh only, except for some grammar analogues. The course is based on the following components:


Course materials

Kazakh language course for intermediate.
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Ibragimov, Kanat. Kazakh language for Russian and other language schools.
Sukhbat. Kazakh tili. Almaty, 1996.
Sen bilesin be?. (Book series of Kazakh traditions and customs for children).
Sokpakbayev, B. Menin atym Kozha. (Text extractions from the novel with activity tasks).