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Introductory Uyghur
Catalog Number CEUS-U 115/591
Gulnisa Nazarova

The Fall Semester Introductory Uyghur courses aim to introduce a fundamental structure of the Uyghur language. During the course students will learn Uyghur script, basic phonetic rules, basic grammar, and develop their knowledge of literary Uyghur language. The material also provides general information about Uyghur lifestyle, society and culture. The daily classes focus on the following: listening and conducting simple conversations; pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar exercises; writing simple dialogues and reading simple texts. Also Uyghur audio and video cassettes, different pictures illustrating the contemporary cultural life of the Uyghur’s will be available. Learners are given the opportunity for personal expression in the form of partner and group works.

Five hours of class per week means that considerable independent preparation outside of class will be required.

Course Materials: Primary Textbooks and Dictionaries:

Course Packet may be found In Goodbody Hall 157

Suggested texts and materials


The assignments include work from the textbook, including reading, grammar activities, writing activities, and listening to the DVD, and working with new vocabulary and online materials.


Attendance and active participation are necessary in this class, as independent work. There will be regular vocabulary and grammar quizzes or tests every week. The Midterm and Final exams will be according the schedule. They will consist of oral and written parts.

Quizzes and tests 20%
Midterm exam 20%
Final exam 20%
Homework 20%
Participation in class 20%

Grading System

99-100 = A+ 80-82 = C+
95-98 = A 77-79 = C
92-94 = A- 74-76 = C-
89-91 = B+ 70-73 = D+
86-88 = B 67-69 = D
83-85 = B- 64-66 = D-