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U299/U577  Research in Classical Persian Texts
(This course is the equivalent of 3rd year Persian)
Paul Losensky

A wealth of historical, literary, and religious writings gives the classical Persian tradition its distinguished place in the record of human thought and culture. In this course, students examine certain aspects of that rich legacy. Students will learn to recognize the grammatical and lexical differences that distinguish classical Persian from its modern counterpart, and will be introduced to some basic research tools and reference works. Readings this semester will be chosen by the instructor from the textbooks to reflect the range of classical Persian texts. Completion of intermediate Persian, its equivalent, or special permission of the instructor is a prerequisite.


W. M. Thackston, An Introduction to Persian, rev. 3d ed. (Bethesda, Maryland: Iranbooks, 1993).
W. M. Thackston, A Millennium of Persian Poetry, (Bethesda, Maryland: Iranbooks, 1994).

Days and Time:  Arranged.