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Soviet and Post-Soviet Nationality Problems and Politics
Catalog Number CEUS-U 519 
William Fierman

This course will examine nationality problems in the former USSR, with a focus on the last years of Soviet power and the rise of nationalism among non-Russian groups. The course will begin with consideration of some theories of nationalism, and an overview of Soviet nationality policy. Although two weeks will be devoted to an examination of nationality problems republic by republic, much of the course will be organized by theme, such as environmental issues, history, language, economic development, migration, borders, and citizenship. For each of these weeks readings will be assigned from a wide variety of cases in the USSR.

Requirements: Students will be required to read assignments and write short weekly "response papers" to them. In addition, students must write a longer paper due at the end of the course (15-20 pp.).  Students signing up for this course are expected to have a general familiarity with Soviet history and/or politics. Those without such background should discuss the course with the instructor before enrolling.