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Introductory Mongolian II
Catalog Number CEUS-U 142/362 
Tserenchunt Legden

The objectives of this course are: 1) To continue the basic knowledge of Mongolian conversation, grammar, reading and writing on the base of competencies mastered  in the first semester. 2) To develop speaking, listening, reading  and writing skills at a novice level. 3) By the end of the semester students will be able  to use not only  the main cases and verb tenses of Mongolian in their conversation and writing, they will also be able to use some modals and simple kinds of Mongolian compound sentences. 4) To develop knowledge of Mongolian culture and traditions by reading simple Mongolian folk tales.

Required Texts:

Exams:  Test or quiz at the completion of every lesson, as well as a final examination. The final examination will be in written and oral forms.


Classroom performance: attendance and participation in the classroom activities  25%
Homework  15%
Tests and quizzes  20%
Writing assignments and oral presentation  10%
Final exam  30%