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Introductory Finnish I
Catalog Number CEUS-U 121/331
Pia-Maria Paivio

Course objectives

Introductory Finnish I is for students with no previous knowledge of the Finnish language. The aim is to obtain general skills that are desirable in everyday situations related to traveling and studying in Finland (e.g., introducing yourself, buying, traveling, and talking about the weather). You will be able to understand simple spoken Finnish that handles familiar topics and understand the main points of simple and brief messages. You will also learn basic facts about Finnish culture and history.

The course is based on engaging in communicative skills. The methods of this course are learner centered, communicative, and often problem-based, for instance, students will solve grammar problems with peers and assistance from the instructor. All basic language skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing, will be included in class activities and homework. 

Required texts and materials

Abondolo, Daniel. Colloquial Finnish. (Book and cassette). Routledge, 1997.
Silfverberg, Leena, and Leila White. Supisuomea. Finn Lectura, 2003.
Hurme, Raija-Leena, Maritta Pesonen, and Olli Syväoja. Englanti―suomi-sanakirja. 2nd ed. WSOY, 2003.
Course package (lecturer’s own materials)

Suggested texts and materials


The final grade is based on attendance and participation, homework, quizzes, tests and the midterm and final exams.

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