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Introductory Turkish I
Catalog number CEUS-U 161/351
Rosa Trainham

In this course, students will continue to develop a foundation of Turkish grammar and vocabulary.  Several new verb tenses and verb constructions will be introduced, as well as adverbial and adjectival phrases. Speaking, reading, writing and listening will be emphasized.  Students will be expected to carry on simple conversations, discuss films and stories, read articles in books and newspapers, provide and elicit information, and understand spoken selections from television media and other sources.   

Required texts and materials:

This textbook includes two CDs.  We will use it during both semesters of Basic Turkish.  Available online at:

(IU Bookstore has a few copies of the Langenscheidt’s dictionary; both dictionaries are available online through
Suggested texts and materials


You will be graded on your performance in the following requirements:

Class Participation: %20
Quizzes/Tests: %20
HW Assignments: %20 (Oral and Written)
Midterm Exam: %20
Final Exam: %20