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Introduction to Manchu
CEUS-T 690
Gyorgy Kara

The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive, basic knowledge necessary for the understanding of Manchu texts. The course will be divided into two main parts: (l) study of Manchu phonology, morphology, and syntax; (2) translation of selected Manchu readings.

Text: No single grammar will be used. Every grammatical issue will be treated through materials provided by the instructor on the basis of already existing grammatical studies. The readings will be selected mainly from historical texts, with special reference to the Manju-i yargiyan kooli (Man-chou shih-lu). Samples of other kinds of readings (inscriptions, memorials, poetry) will also be considered in order to give a general survey of different styles of writings, and to answer the specific needs of students.

Exams: Since special stress will be put on the daily practice of the language, no examination will be given, and the final rating of the students will be based on individual participation and results obtained in class-work.

Days and Time: Arranged.