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Advanced Tibetan I
CEUS-T 371/771
Gedun Rabsal

The idea behind Advanced Tibetan-I is to help the students to acquire advanced skills in an academic and professional manner. Students will continue to expand their knowledge of grammar with reading and composition exercises, enabling them to translate general texts from Tibetan into English. The course will focus on reading in modern and classical Tibetan.

Course Materials: Materials are covered with magazines, newspaper articles, and religious text, short fictions and poetry. 

Required texts and materials: Instructor course packet will be available on OnCourse.

Suggested texts and materials:

Tsetan Chonjore and Abinanti, Andera. Colloquial Tibetan: A Textbook of the Lhasa Dialect.
Geoff Bailey and Christopher E. Walker (April 1, 2004). Lhasa Verbs

Assignments and grading policy:

Students will be given daily written and translation assignments. Students will also be required to work on individual projects designed to teach them how to communicate in Tibetan about their own unique experiences.


Attendance 30%
Homework assignments 20%
Projects & Quizzes 20%
Midterm & final exams 20%
Oral Tests 10%



Language learning requires greater participation in the classroom than most other subjects in the university curriculum. Students are expected to attend ALL classes. Students are allowed to miss three instructional hours during the course of one semester without grade penalty. Absences beyond three instructional hours will result in grade penalty of 2% per day. Additional absences can be considered by the department only with proper documentation of attested medical needs for which a doctor's note will be required, and with the possibility of a tutoring requirement to preclude class disruption for other students.

Departmental Policies

  • Auditing: The Department of Central Eurasian Studies does not allow auditing of language courses. Any inquiries must be addressed to CEUS Chair directly.
  • Enrollment: Students enrolled in CEUS language courses obtain a grade at the end of each semester. The Department does not offer pass/fail options.
  • Incompletes are not given in CEUS language courses. Any inquiries must be addressed to CEUS Chair directly.
  • If you are a native speaker of a language or you are a citizen of a country where the language is commonly spoken, or you graduated from a high school in that country, Indiana University and departmental policy may (or may not) prohibit you from enrollment in this language class. Please direct all related questions to the Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Goodbody Hall 157, 855-2233, or