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Classical Mongolian I
CEUS-T 363/663 
György Kara

The Classical Mongol language and its relation to the living spoken languages and dialects.

The Mongol vertical alphabet, its origin, its set of graphemes and their positional, facultative and mandatory allographs. The use of the three graphemes aleph, waw and yod for marking the seven basic vowels of the classical language. Digraphs, trigraphs, tetragraphs. The consonantal values of yod. The other consonantal graphemes. Discrepancies between the graphic and phonetic systems. Graphotactics and phonotactics. Orthography. Punctuation. Reading and writing strategies. The alphabetic orders. The digits.

A skeletal grammar. Phonology. Vowel harmony. Variable and invariable, free and bound morphemes. Nouns, verbs, verbal nouns and verbal adverbs. Syntactic markers of the nominal units. Plural markers. The subject possessive marker. Moods vs. aspects and tenses of the finite verbs. Modifiers, conjunctions, particles.

Word formation: deverbal and denominal suffixes; partial reduplication; inflexion.

Syntax. The complement-subject-complement-predicate word order. Nominal and verbal predicates. Negation and prohibition. Coordination and subordination. Embedding structures.

Reading, analyzing and translating texts in transcription and in the original script.

Recommended tools: N. Poppe, A Grammar of Written Mongolian (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 41994); K. Gr nbeck & J. Krueger, Introduction to Classical Mongolian (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 31993); Aleksei Bobrovnikov, Grammatika mongolo-kalmytskogo iazyka (Kazan’, 1849), R. Kullman & D. Tserenpil, Mongolian Grammar (Hongkong: Jensco, 1996); F. Lessing et al., Mongolian-English Dictionary (Bloomington, IN: 51995)