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Advanced Uzbek II
CEUS-T 312/712
Malik Hodjaev

The advanced level course aims to increase student's fluency in oral expression, develop skills in listening and reading, extend understanding of the fundamentals of Uzbek grammar and enable them to do research in the fields of history, literature and culture of Uzbekistan.  During the course students will learn grammar and vocabulary.  There will be extensive conversation and reading practice, using newspapers and journals that illustrate Uzbek history, literature, and modern life in Uzbekistan.  Students will have the opportunity to watch Uzbek videos, TV programs, and listen to audio tapes made in Tashkent.

Required Textbooks:  Uzbek Encyclopedia (Tashkent, 1997), English-Uzbek dictionary (Tashkent, 2001), Uzbek-English dictionary (Dunwoody Press, 1993), Uzbek Literature (Tashkent, 1998).  The Culture of Communication in Uzbek and English (Samarkand 2002).

Additional materials:  Uzbek TV videos and audio tapes.  Current Uzbek newspapers and magazines.

Grading materials:  The course grade is based on daily attendance, classroom participation, biweekly quizzes, midterm and final examinations.

Additional activities:  Student in the advanced course will have several choices of extracurricular activities.  Including an Uzbek coffee hour, Uzbek videos and movies as well as lectures and projects addressing aspects of Central Asian history, literature and culture.