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Advanced Finnish I
CEUS-T 301/701

Course objectives

This Advanced Finnish course will focus on student’s personal area of interest: Finnish folk music and ethnomusicology in Finnish. Parallel to text provided by the student, advanced grammar will be acquired. Additionally, student will also deepen his knowledge about Finland and its culture and history and, especially, the traditional Finnish way of life. 

Required texts and materials:

Brown Anneli; Lepasmaa, Anna-Liisa: Silfverberg, Leena: Miten sanoja johdetaan.
Silfverberg, Leena: Suomen kielen jatko-oppikirja
Silfverberg, Leena: Harjoituskirja suomen kielen jatko-opiskelua varten
Can be purchased at IU Bookstores

Suggested texts and materials

Aino Wuolle: Finnish-English-Finish Concise Dictionary

Assignments and grading policy

At the end of the semester you will receive a final course grade. It is derived from the following components:

Participation: 30%
Homework (oral and written assignments, presentations, journal): 30%
Quizzes and chapter tests: 15%
Midterm exam (oral interview and written): 10%
Final exam: (oral and written components): 15%

Homework is given every day; and it is due the following morning in class. You may turn in late homework to receive feedback from your instructor. However, you will not receive credit for late homework. Bonuses or extra credit are not given for extracurricular events.


Language learning requires greater participation in the classroom than most other subjects in the university curriculum. Students are expected to attend ALL classes. Students are allowed to miss three instructional hours during the course of one semester without grade penalty. Absences beyond three instructional hours will result in grade penalty of 2% per day. Additional absences can be considered by the department only with proper documentation of attested medical needs for which a doctor's note will be required, and with the possibility of a tutoring requirement to preclude class disruption for other students.

Departmental Policies

  • Auditing: The Department of Central Eurasian Studies does not allow auditing of language courses. Any inquiries must be addressed to CEUS Chair directly.
  • Enrollment: Students enrolled in CEUS language courses obtain a grade at the end of each semester. The Department does not offer pass/fail options.
  • Incompletes are not given in CEUS language courses. Any inquiries must be addressed to CEUS Chair directly.
  • If you are a native speaker of a language or you are a citizen of a country where the language is commonly spoken, or you graduated from a high school in that country, Indiana University and departmental policy may (or may not) prohibit you from enrollment in this language class. Please direct all related questions to the Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Goodbody Hall 157, 855-2233, or