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Intermediate Mongolian II
CEUS-T 262/662
Tserenchunt Legden

 The objectives of this course are: 1) To develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills on the base of the competencies mastered  in the first semester. 2) To develop the skill of using the most useful kinds of compound and complex sentences of  Mongolian and voice infixes in conversation and writing. 3) To develop knowledge of Mongolian culture and traditions by reading Mongolian folk tales and other materials.


  • Tserenchunt, L. and Sharon Luethy. Sain baina uu? Mongolian Language Textbook, Two and Three (with cassettes). Available from the Mongolia Society and at the Language Lab, Ballantine Hall.
  • Mongolian Language Textbook. edited by Choi Luvsanjav.
  • Other materials are distributed  by the  teacher in class.

Exams:  Test or quiz at the completion of every lesson, as well as a final examination. The final examination will be in oral and written form.


Classroom performance: attendance and participation in the classroom activities  25%
Homework  15%
Tests and quizzes  20%
Writing assignments, projects and oral presentation  15%
Final exam  25%