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Intermediate Persian II
CEUS-T 252/652
Shahyar Daneshgar

This course is a continuation of Intermediate Persian 1.  In this class, we will concentrate on the mastery of complex grammatical structures and vocabulary acquisition. Although the main emphasis will be on reading and writing skills, we will also devote time to gaining fluency in modern colloquial pronunciation (Tehran dialect). We will study texts in various styles of increasing complexity, drawn from both Windfuhr's and Thackston’s textbooks and from modern Iranian publications and authentic materials.  In addition, we will also make use of internet resources to improve our knowledge of Modern Persian. 

Required texts:

Windfuhr, Gernot and Bostanbakhsh, Shapour. Modern Persian: Intermediate Level I.
Thackston, Wheeler M. An Introduction to Persian.
Aryanpur Kashani, Abbas and Manoochehr. The Combined New Persian-English and English-Persian Dictionary.