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Intermediate Hungarian II
CEUS-T 242/642
Valeria Varga

The intermediate-level Hungarian course is designed to enable students to speak and converse more fluently about personal and simple academic topics, to express themselves and articulate their opinion, to read and understand short literary and scholarly texts, and to write to fulfill basic personal, business, and academic needs. This one-year course intends to cover all the substantial forms and to introduce a wide range of new topics. The goal is a further improvement of language skills as well as to enable students to review and use their basic knowledge of Hungarian and the new material covered in class freely and creatively. Students will also learn more about the lifestyle and social-historical facts of Hungary through texts and videos and be encouraged to meet more and more authentic texts.

In the second semester, topics will include: housing and lifestyle, sports, and Hungarian weddings. The classes will also focus on moderately complex grammatical forms.

Students will further improve their language skills by participating at the weekly conversation hours.

Required course books (for the intermediate and advanced year):

Hlavacska, Edit; et al. Hungarolingua 2 - Magyar nyelvkönyv. Debrecen, 2001.
Hlavacska, Edit; et al. Hungarolingua 2 - Nyelvtani munkafüzet. Debrecen, 1993.

In addition to the material covered by the course book, related sources, other textbooks and authentic Hungarian texts will provide extra material to the course.

Requirements: regular class attendance and active participation; homework; biweekly tests; individual projects; midterm exam; and final exam.