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Intermediate Finnish I
CEUS-T 201/601

Course objectives

Intermediate Finnish I is for students who already know the basics of the Finnish language. The aim is to obtain communicative skills that are desirable in everyday situations related to study, work and leisure. You will also learn specific issues of Finnish culture and history.

Required texts and materials

Vähämäki, Börje & Stuart von Wolff 2004 (1994): Mastering Finnish. Aspasia Books, Inc - U of Toronto Press.
Wuolle Aino 1990: Finnish-English English-Finnish Concise Dictionary. 8. edition. Hippocrene.
Lecturer’s own materials given along the course
The books can be purchased at IU bookstore.


The final grade is based on attendance and participation (40%), homework (20%), journal (10%) quizzes and tests (10%) midterm (10%) and the final exam (10%).


Language learning requires greater participation in the classroom than most other subjects in the university curriculum. Students are expected to attend ALL classes. Students are allowed to miss three instructional hours during the course of one semester without grade penalty. Absences beyond three instructional hours will result in grade penalty of 2% per day. Additional absences can be considered by the department only with proper documentation of attested medical needs for which a doctor's note will be required, and with the possibility of a tutoring requirement to preclude class disruption for other students.

Departmental Policies