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Introductory Mongolian I
CEUS-T 161/561
Tserenchunt Legden

Course objectives

1) To introduce Cyrillic Script-Modern Mongolian Alphabet, 2) To develop basic knowledge of Mongolian conversation, grammar, reading and writing, 3) To develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills at novice level.4) To develop knowledge of Mongolian culture and traditions. By the end of the semester, students will be able to conduct a conversation on everyday topics, to use main cases, verb tenses and useful modals of Mongolian in their conversation and writing and to read simple short stories and fork tales

Required textbooks and materials

Suggested textbooks and materials:


Graduates are held to a higher standard than undergraduates.
                      1. Classroom performance: attendance and participation in the
                           classroom activities.   25%                     
                       2. Writing and reading assignments, oral presentations      25% 
                       3. Tests and quizzes. (A test or a quiz at completion of every lesson) 20% 
                       4.  Midterm and Final exams  30%


Language learning requires greater participation in the classroom than most other subjects in the university curriculum. Students are expected to attend ALL classes. Students are allowed to miss three instructional hours during the course of one semester without grade penalty. Absences beyond three instructional hours will result in grade penalty of 2% per day. Additional absences can be considered by the department only with proper documentation of attested medical needs for which a doctor's note will be required, and with the possibility of a tutoring requirement to preclude class disruption for other students.

Departmental Policies