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Introductory Azeri
Catalog Number CEUS-U 105/520
Shahyar Daneshgar

Based on modern language instruction standards, this class will stress a communicative/interactive approach.  Öztopçu’s Azerbaijani Reader will be the main textbook for the course. During the coursework, the following main topics/themes will be studied in the class:

·        Greetings, leave-taking expressions
·        Families, occupations, nationalities, cities and countries
·        Telling age, dates and times, birthdays
·        Languages, money, prices, shopping
·        Giving directions, transportation, places, weather
·        Entertainment, theaters, TV, concerts
·        Shopping, food, restaurants, Azerbaijani cuisine
·        Parts of the body, health, illness, hospitals and medications
·        Travel and accommodations
·        Making phone calls, post office, holidays, signs
·        Writing letters

Every day at least a portion of class time will be devoted to the cultural aspects of the Azerbaijani society. Below are some of the topics and sources that we will be studying and exploring together: