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Central Eurasian Linguistics
CEUS-R 790
Christopher Beckwith

This seminar focuses on issues and problems in the linguistics of the Central Eurasian world area. The specific topics and languages discussed, and to some extent the format of the course, will depend partly on the interests and needs of the students, but will definitely include coverage of issues concerning both convergence and divergence, both diachronically and synchronically, with the emphasis adjusted to suit each case. Examples of typical topics likely to be covered are: formation of Turkic and its daughter languages; how to deal with early foreign transcriptions (primarily Greek and Chinese) of Central Eurasian onomastic and other linguistic data; Indo-Iranian problems; and Sprachbund (‘language area’) and Sprachbünde in Central Eurasia. Students will make regular presentations on the topics covered.

Advanced graduate status or permission of the instructor