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History of the Turkish Replubic
CEUS-R 389/589

Course objectives

Commencing with an overview of the 19th-century reform movements within the Ottoman Empire, this course traces the political, social and economic history of Turkey from the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923 until today, focusing on various issues such as:

* the fall of the Ottoman Empire;
* the struggle for independence;
* the emergence of the Turkish Republic;
* the Turkish cultural revolution;
* Mustafa Kemal Atatürk & Kemalism;
* the construction of the “Turkish nation” & the emergence of Turkish nationalism;
* the transition from a single-party regime to a multi-party democracy;
* the coup d’etats in 1960, 1971, and 1980;
* the rise of political Islam and its sectarian manifestations;
* minorities and minority rights in Turkey;
* Turkey’s relationship with the European Union;
* Turkey’s role in the greater Middle East;
* Turkey today: “secular” state vs. Islamist government.


Reading Analyses/Writing Assignments (2 pages each)

There will be several two-page reading analyses/writing assignments throughout the semester. Most will be graded on a pass/fail basis, but some will receive letter grades. They are expected to be typed and proofread.


Midterm: The midterm will be an in-class exam. It will consist of a series of brief identifications and two short essay questions.


Term Paper (undergraduate: 7–10 pages; graduate: 12–15 pages)


Course Grade: The final grade for the course will be calculated as follows:

Attendance & Class Participation:                  20%
Reading Analyses/Writing Assignments:          20%
Midterm:                                                       20%
Term Paper:                                                  40%


Required Readings

Erik J. Zürcher. Turkey: A Modern History (I.B. Tauris: New York, 1994).

Articles/Texts posted on E-Reserves

Additional Requirement for Graduate Students