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Uralic Peoples and Cultures
CEUS-R 392/592
Toivo Raun

This course carries CASE S&H designation

This course offers a comparative survey of the Uralic (that is, the Finno-Ugric and Samoyed) peoples, residing in a wide range of territory in Eastern and Northern Europe and Siberia, and their cultures. We will focus on the following topics: the origins and evolution of the Uralic peoples (including their distinctive non-Indo-European languages), their contrasting historical development, traditional economic life and society as well as socioeconomic modernization in later times, traditional cultural life (including the folk calendar, religion and mythology, art, the oral tradition, and music), modern literature and music, national and ethnic identity in the recent past and present, and the issue of pan-Uralic and pan-Finno-Ugrian cultural ties and affinity.


Undergraduates - Will be as follows: a midterm exam, a final exam (both of the essay type), and a 5-7-pp. paper, (each written effort is of equal weight). The topic for the paper will be chosen by the student, with instructor approval.

Graduates: The requirements are a 7-pp. book review (20%), a 15-pp. research paper (40%), and a comprehensive final exam (40%). In addition, students will have supplementary readings each week according to a separate listing. Oral participation is especially encouraged, and a strong performance in this area will enhance a student’s grade.