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Topics in Hungarian Studies
CEUS-R 349/549

Topics in Hungarian Studies is a variable title class, intended to be a vehicle for new classes in Hungarian studies which are at least partly lecture and which have the potential to become a regularly offered course in the department. Classes that have
been offered twice successfully will be given their own numbers.

Previous CEUS-R 349/549 courses include:

Hungary Through Literature & Film (CASE GCC designation)
Comparative Urban Culture in East Central Europe in the Nineteenth & Twentieth Centures (CASE GCC designation)
European Folk Musics (CASE A&H & CASE GCC designation)
Hungary Between 1890-1945 (CASE S&H & CASE GCC designation)
Transylvania (CASE S&H & CASE GCC designation)
History of Hungary 1945-2000 (CASE S&H & CASE GCC designation)
Bela Bartok: Composer in Context (Spring 2014)
Economy, State and Society: Contemporary Hungary (Spring 2014)
Examining Operetta (Fall 2014)
Urban Transformation in East-Central Europe, 1950-2000: From Socialism to Market Economy
The Legal Problems of International Economic Relations
European Economic Law and Policy