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Archeology of Central Asia
CEUS-R 329/529
Anne Pyburn

This is a course on the archaeology of Central Asia. The class will focus on the Bronze Age, which falls somewhere between 3500 and 1200 BC. The Bronze Age is considered a crucial era in the invention of cities and urban life, but it is a period for which there is limited documentary evidence. It is necessary therefore to concentrate our research on material culture. Data from before and after the Bronze Age will be discussed, but only as a backdrop to our Bronze Age focus.
Because this is an anthropology course and not a history course, there will be more discussion about research methods, epistemology and the politics of interpretation and much less recounting and memorizing of migration routes, ethnic subgroups, and historical events. We will work with literature on the archaeology of the Central Asian Republics, but we will also question the underlying assumptions and conclusions.