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Modern Finnish Literature
CEUS-R 304/504

This lecture and discussion course examines the major narrative texts of Finnish modern literature. Special emphasis is given to the historical period in the context of surrounding Finnish society. For example, how the modern literature reflects the movement from the countryside to the cities, industrialization, and Finnish independence. Some additional themes of the course are: the individual in a changing society, alcoholism in Finland, social criticism in the 1960s, and the position of women in Finnish society

The historical and cultural contexts of the literary works will be examined, as well as their influence in other fine arts, i.e., music, performing arts, and film.

A selection of translated texts and articles on Finnish literary and cultural history will be available in the course packet. Students are expected to read and comment on these texts in weekly written homework assignments and actively take part in discussion in class. Support for the textual material will be drawn from fine arts, films, and music. 

Required Texts

Music and visual materials, such as films, will complement the literature.


There are no exams in this class. Attendance and active participation is required and will constitute a major part of the final grade along with: assignments on novels, short stories, essays and poetry; two or three presentations or analyses of literary works; and one or two papers on literary subjects (periods, authors, etc.).