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Inner Asian Religious Beliefs
CEUS-R 291
Devin DeWeese

This course carries CASE A&H & CASE GCC designations

This course will survey the beliefs and practices characteristic of the native religious traditions of Inner Asian peoples from the earliest times up to the present century.  Special attention will be devoted to historical evidence on religion in Inner Asia, the fundamental beliefs about the nature of the world and human souls, the role of the shaman, and the social, economic, and political components of Inner Asian religious beliefs and practices.

Required texts

Required readings are assigned from the "Reader on Inner Asian Religious Beliefs" available through Oncourse.


Three tests will be given on the dates listed in the course outline: Test I will count for 20% of the final grade and Tests II and III will each count 30%.  A brief (3-5 typewritten pages) report based on outside reading will count for the remaining 20% of the final grade.  Regular class attendance is expected of all students.