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Turkish Literature in Translation
CEUS-R 281
Kemal Silay

Designed for English-speaking undergraduate students, the course will introduce significant literary works (that are available in English translation) from Ottoman court literature, Turkish epic and troubadour poetry, and modern and contemporary Turkish literature. Major authors and their representative works will be discussed and analyzed in their social, historical, political and theoretical contexts. Though no previous knowledge of the Turkish language or its literature is required, some familiarity with Turkish and/or other Middle Eastern literary traditions would be useful.
Required Texts

In addition to handouts that the instructor will provide, students are required to read the following books:

• Kemal Silay, An Anthology of Turkish Literature.
• Orhan Pamuk, My Name Is Red.
• Orhan Pamuk, Snow.
• Orhan Pamuk, Istanbul: Memories and the City.
• Yashar Kemal, Iron Earth, Copper Sky.
• Yashar Kemal, To Crush the Serpent.


• Attendance and class participation (includes short presentations of assigned texts): 20%
• Two short papers: 20% each
• Research paper: 40%